What we Do

Nurture Transformational Leaders

Raising transformational leaders for us means helping young people find healing from experiences common to youth and society today, then mentoring them in crafting an entrepreneurial solution that takes a systems approach to addressing that issue in society. Identifying the sustainable development goal that represents the need they wish to address, and considering the sustainability framework in their business plan ensures their solution contributes towards sustainable development.

Incubate Impact Businesses

Champion Redemptive Education

We are working towards Education embracing a more holistic philosophy; moving from only preparing the learner for a career to rather preparing them for life, where what’s considered knowledge is not just what is empirical and quantifiable existing only within the hard sciences, but also the nonempirical realities such as God, purpose, morals, virtue, wisdom etc. We believe that education should not only produce employable graduates but graduates of high moral standards that also carry a sense of social responsibility. We believe that redemptive education is the key to sustainable development in Africa and the world.

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