collaborative economy



"business as a force for good"

Theory of Change

We believe the rampant inequalities among peoples constitutes a structural reality and may not always be unjust if a sense of purpose can overcome the dysfunction of greed.

Young people in our townships have access to different resources, different skills, and different forms of wealth at their disposal, defined not just in financial terms, but also by their individual life experiences, inherent gifts, special talents, and academic qualifications. In the knowledge economy, where value is inherent not only in the accumulation of financial capital but in building relationships that give one access to the knowledge or other missing ingredients one can use to prosper in different ways, facilitating such exchange relationships could be a powerful way to advance social justice without defaulting to redistribution.

This would empower each individual involved to maximize the utility of the form of capital they possess to fulfil their destiny while improving the lives of others –

inspired by Bruno Roche & Jay Jakub


Our goal

Our goal is to help youth extract their unique form of capital from their life experiences, synergising their inherent gifts, special talents, and academic qualifications to create entrepreneurial initiatives that increase social fertility, encourage planet care while stimulating the economy from the bottom of the pyramid.


By mining the social business idea from their life experiences, we are connecting the youth with a purpose that transcends a singular profit maximization goal into social and environmental impact, where facilitating exchange relationships across sectors gives their products and services unconventional access to market while creating a collaborative economy that brings wealth to the previously disadvantaged.


We envision transformational leaders that use business as a force for good. Business leaders that accelerate a culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

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